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Thursday, 20 December 2012

My Christmas Trolley Dash

I don't watch Coronation Street any more. I stopped when the Battersbys arrived.

Back in the days when I did watch, regularly, Ken Barlow, pictured above, had slithered down the employment ladder from the lofty heights of teaching to gathering the shopping trollies at Bettabuys supermarket in Wetherfied.

I seem to have followed a similar path myself.

Two years ago I was teaching at the last private school to exist in Southport. Like Ken I was a pillar of the local community. Parents sought my advice and I like to believe that I had a positive effect on the children I taught.

Then the recession came and Sunnymede School closed it's doors.

Whilst filling my role as a Sefton councillor I have spent many an hour on the Internet looking for part-time employment.

Recently I was lucky enough to gain a temporary position working part-time at a local supermarket, picking on-line orders over the busy Christmas period.

On Tuesday I was asked to cover a lunch break for an hour collecting trolleys from the car park.

One of the Supervisors asked how I was getting on and I shouted out that I was doing a Ken Barlow.

It was later that I began to wonder if she may have been puzzled by my comment. She probably didn't know that I too had been a teacher and she may not have been old enough to have seen Ken pushing his trollies.

My resemblance to Ken stops with the trollies. I have no children, I have only been married once and I have never been a member of the Labour party.

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